Tax Reformation Favors The Government

Bernie Sanders is proposing a number of tax increases that affect everyone, not only the top 1 or .1%. Effectively, everyone will pay at least 10% more of their income to the government in exchange for universal health care and free college education, as well as a number of other policies.

The most troublesome part of tax increases isn’t that we may improve our nation domestically. There are issues we could resolve that would dramatically change the way most people live. We need to question why the government needs more of our money. Most of us work hard, support families, have hobbies and activities we enjoy with our free time. Those all have costs associated with them. Why should we give more of our income to a government we don’t trust?

Instead of taking money we’ve worked for, the government should reevaluate their position on non-essential government spending. There are two areas the government uses tax money: discretionary and mandatory. Mandatory are social security, health, food and agriculture, veteran’s benefits, transportation, and “other.” The government has the ability to reflect discretionary spending on current issues. Over half goes to the military, the next largest chunk, about $72 billion, goes toward the government (salaries, security, etc…), next is education just below $70 billion, and others follow close behind. Discretionary spending accounts for $1.1 trillion and 53% goes to the military, a governmental function, where just under 7% goes toward the education of our citizens. If Bernie Sanders wants to improve our education system, he should cut military funding and spend that instead. He’d also have enough to improve energy and environmental spending, as well as provide subsidies for businesses who can’t afford to pay their workers $15 minimum wage. Not only are many of our people low-income, our small businesses don’t have the necessary funds to increase worker wages, while having higher taxes, and still keep their prices competitive enough to not succumb to large corporations.

Bernie Sanders wants the American people to prosper, but doing so at the hands of the rich isn’t conducive to progress. It will outrage the most influential companies who may take their businesses to other less regulated countries.

The richest of this country, barring a few, don’t step on the “little guys” to earn their income. They work hard and get lucky. That’s how a capitalist system works. Not everyone is equal. Value is based on worth and merit.


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